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We Give You Power to Grow Your Business Successfully.

NEMERA is recognized as a leader in providing professional consulting services in Banking Technology. Our Banking Information Technology Consulting practice has been built through continuous investment in domain and technical expertise.

We provide services to large regions, local and global banks as well as mid-sized banks & financial organizations.We can at a short notice mobilize consulting services in BFSI domain varying from Project Management, Business Analysis, SME's, Development, Testing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure & Information Security Services.

We provide services across the entire Banking value chain and its various functions, in both technology and process outsourcing.

BFSI Service Practice

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Retail Banking
  •  Cash Management
  •  Current/Saving Account
  •  ATM Card
  •  Online Banking
  •  Mobile Banking
  •  Payment Processing
  •  Loan Products
  •  Home/Auto/ Personal
  •  Credit Cards


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Corporate Banking
  • Trade Finance
  • Treasury & Capital
  • Market
  • Online Banking


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Payment software
  • TEnsure fast and secure transactions with custom mobile payment solutions.
     Increase customer loyalty with NFC or QR-based mobile wallets that hold digital information about customers' credit and debit cards, store coupons, loyalty programs, and more.
     Enable customers to make real-time, person-to-person (P2P) payments.
     Streamline the accounts payable process for your business clients.


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Lending software
  •  Digitize loan origination, underwriting and servicing.
     Introduce a configurable borrower portal for consumer, commercial and small business loans.
     Opt for a web-portal or a custom mobile application to accelerate the mortgage application process.
     Add convenience to your mortgage lending services with e-signatures, e-delivery and e-closing tools.
     Create a single system of record for your lending operations with custom lending software.


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Bank intranet
  •  Facilitate collaboration and communication between departments.
     Create unique environment for data sharing and informal communication.
     Ensure information consistency, better data management and search.
     Promote corporate values and strengthen a sense of community within the workplace.


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Knowledge management solution
  •  Create a corporate knowledge base and a unified discussion hub.
     Post information for corporate education.
     Share case studies, workshop materials, guidelines, FAQs and other knowledge items.
     Discuss events, ask questions, get consultations and do other activities with rich SharePoint knowledge management functionality.


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Document management system
  •  Build a single library supporting multiple document templates.
     Create automated workflows for receiving, routing and completing documents.
     Ensure document compliance with internal standards and regulations .


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Banking data analytics
    Customer analytics (customer segmentation, attrition analysis, cross-sell effectiveness analysis, etc.);
     Channel analytics (analysis of branch transactions and customer traffic, analysis of click patterns, frequently accessed web-pages, search behavior, the most widely used mobile banking features, etc.);
     Marketing analytics (success of marketing campaigns, factors that increase sales, etc.);
     Risk analytics (credit risk, market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk, etc.);
     Performance analytics (sales performance, branch and digital channels performance and profitability, etc.).

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Corporate Banking
  • Trade Finance
  • Treasury & Capital
  • Market
  • Online Banking


Why Nemera?

Delivering greater value than traditional resourcing companies As a solutions integrator with more than 12 years of experience, NEMERA understands the technologies that we support

  • Innovation
  • Ability to provide long term support.
  • All employees are treated equally, transparently and in all fairness.
  • Over 15 years in depth knowledge of the Far Eastern countries' demographics
  • Robust processes & Methodologies.
  • Adapt quickly to market scenarios
  • Flexible pricing model according to the client requirements
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Our Clients.