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Telecom Services

Our unique portfolio of converters and connectivity products gives you a cost-effective solution for cross-generation network access, as well as allowing you to extend advanced services over mixed media. We can also deliver services from remote locations to central sites cost effectively in a mixed media environment.

Our range of managed multiplexers is capable of transporting IP and multiple E1 connections over fibre. These flexible solutions can be used for a broad range of applications, including cross-connect, ring, drop-and-insert for cellular backhaul, point-to-point over wireless links and point-to-point over SDH.

We offer a wide range of alternative power solutions including UPS, generators and solar, all of which are suited to any sized business, from small to large scale applications.

TELCO provides

end-to-end solutions for the Telecom services & Technology Industry

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Telecom Services

Providing Network Implementation, Network Performance Optimization and Last mile connectivity to OEMs
 NPO & WH Services
 ZTE- NI, TSP & Logistics services
 Providing TSP services to infra partners in India.
 National TSP partner


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Technology Services

 Break/Fix & Annuity
 Intrusive Repair
 Desk side Support
 Campus Based Engineers
 Workshop repair and refurbishment
 Field Installation, Repair and Maintenance for Elevators


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Managed Services

 Network Managed Services & Manpower Supply.
 Active Network Managed Services for pan India circles.
 IDC implementation
 OFC Projects

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Total Solutions Provider Telecom Division understands how critical your infrastructure is to the smooth functioning of your business. Every infrastructure job requires meticulous planning and detailed study, before execution begins. Once planning is done, our job is to ensure smooth execution, cost optimization, controlled delivery and efficient completion.

  •  Services include
  •  Site Survey & Acquisition
  •  Management of roll out plans of operators for GSM/CDMA
  •  Planning /SCM co-ordination
  •  Site audit & Utility up gradation for additional tenants.
  •  Network deployment solutions.
  •  Construction of RTT & GBT sites
  •  Project Management for TSP services
  •  Engineering procurement & construction projects
  •  Site upgrade activities for existing telecom towers
  •  3G Upgrades



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Telecom Integration Based on the full services availability of Telecom Division, provides an end-to-end solution covering the Concept Generation, Project Approach, Resources Management, Skill Sets Deployment, Implementation and Support Services. We use an approach that is systematic and collaborative..

  •  RF Planning for GSM & CDMA Networks
  •  I&C of SDH, MSC, BSC, BTS and Transport Equipments
  •  Integration and Acceptance of all Network Elements
  •  Drive Test and Optimization
  •  Benchmarking for CDMA and GSM
  •  Trained Manpower Sourcing
  •  Network Audits & KPI Analysis
  •  In-building Services (survey, design and implementation)



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O&M Services We help ensure optimum performance at existing facilities and provide consultation services for activities in the planning stages. We understand how critical your infrastructure is to the smooth functioning of your business and we make it our job to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Leveraging our experience, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver services more efficiently than any organization managing their operations themselves.
  •  Network Operations & Maintenance (Passive)
  •  Operation & maintenance of Network as per the SLA (Active)
  •  Performance Analysis (KPI analysis)
  •  Network Operation Center Services
  •  In-Building Solutions (survey, design & implementation)
  •  Operations and Maintenance of Passive Network Infrastructure
  •  Operations and Maintenance of Radio Network
  •  Operations and Maintenance of NSS & OMC (FCAPS)
  •  Operations and Maintenance of Active Network Infrastructure
  •  Operation and Maintenance of Wiredline Networks


Why Nemera?

Delivering greater value than traditional resourcing companies As a solutions integrator with more than 12 years of experience, NEMERA understands the technologies that we support

  • Innovation
  • Ability to provide long term support.
  • All employees are treated equally, transparently and in all fairness.
  • Over 15 years in depth knowledge of the Far Eastern countries' demographics
  • Robust processes & Methodologies.
  • Adapt quickly to market scenarios
  • Flexible pricing model according to the client requirements
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Our Clients.