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Offshore Outsourcing

The offshoring of BPO services was once a niche marketing strategy serving a minority of industries. Today, it is a business approach that small, medium and large companies use to gain an advantage over their competitors. Offshore business process outsourcing is a powerful way that companies capitalize on benefits such as greater business growth, cost savings, increased workforce availability providing superior 24/7 support for your clients.

Traditionally, BPO outsourcing services include internal business functions such as accounting and customer-related services such as call centre and marketing, data entry and IT solutions; these are tailored to suit a client's' unique business requirements. Naturally, many companies experience trepidation when considering their options to outsource especially considering the multitude of locations to offshore. OBP serves to put your fears to rest and your search for a reliable offshore business process outsourcing company at an end.

BPO Services

When you hire an offshore BPO company in India like Fin Tax Experts, you will gain business expansion, insight analysis and quantifiable business impacts. Our BPO expertise can be judged by services enlisted below:
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Data Entry Services Our data entry specialists provide superior account management through high-level English language proficiency and accuracy, swift transmission, and reliability.

  •  Catalog Data Entry
  •  Job Registration & Filing
  •  Order Tracking
  •  Import Customs Clearance
  •  Custom Data Import & Export Audits
  •  Import & Export Operations
  •  Compile & Classification
  •  Tax Records



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Accounting Services Take advantage of our expertise and offshore your accounting and finance activities to a reputable company like OBP. Offshoring of accounting and financing functions provides a huge cost-saving opportunity while enabling you to focus on core business concerns.

  •  Accounts payable
  •  Accounts receivable
  •  Cash flow analysis
  •  Budget allocation solutions
  •  Bookkeeping
  •  Financial planning and analysis
  •  Internal auditing
  •  Integrated business planning
  •  Payroll accounting
  •  Tax records



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Call Center Services Provide the customer support that your valued clients deserve with our specialist call centre services. Our experienced call centre personnel establish strong professional relationships to guarantee positive feedback for your company
  •  Inbound call centre solutions
  •  Outbound call centre solutions
  •  Telemarketing
  •  Technical support
  •  Chat/ email support
  •  Lead generation
  •  KPO processes


Why Nemera?

Delivering greater value than traditional resourcing companies As a solutions integrator with more than 12 years of experience, NEMERA understands the technologies that we support

  • Innovation
  • Ability to provide long term support.
  • All employees are treated equally, transparently and in all fairness.
  • Over 15 years in depth knowledge of the Far Eastern countries' demographics
  • Robust processes & Methodologies.
  • Adapt quickly to market scenarios
  • Flexible pricing model according to the client requirements
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Our Clients.